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Loading and unloading services are extremely significant as it helps in transport of possessions without any scratch and broken. If the merchandise is not correctly handled while load and delivery it may cause huge scratch and severe spoilt to the swag of the clients.

BIGO Packer and Movers helps you hassle free loading and unloading services at best affordable rates. Hiring packers and movers for loading and unloading the goods is the best decision for having a damage free and safe relocation. Safe loading and unloading service ensures a damage free relocation experience. We are professionals that follow the right tricks and methods to load and unload the stuff.

Loading the goods into the truck requires skills and knowledge to, one must know the tricks of loading furniture and fragile goods in the vehicle so that it will transport safely to the destination. And not only this, it is also especially important to land the goods properly from the truck. It might be possible that the goods will get damage while landing them from the truck. Hence this must be done under the supervision of professional packers and movers.

We offer some extra services also specially made for you to make shifting most comfortable.

  • Customised solutions for each individual customer
  • Clear pricing policy at a low cost with best quality loading and unloading service
  • Standard packing provided with carton boxes. If needed bubble wrap and sorts are provided at extra cost.

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How it works

  1. Use the online form to send us your shifting requirements
  2. Get instant quotes from us. Select your quote.
  3. For assistance, send us your enquiry. Our consultant will call to assist you with your move.
  4. Experience the service of our dedicated customer support team. Rest easy with our guarantee.

Our Features What Makes Us the Best?

As compared to how much our direct competitors charge, our rates are most definitely the most affordable in India
Whatever time of the day (or night) it is, be sure that our service is right at your doorstep per your first request, 24/7!
You can rely on us all the time as we provide top professionals in collaboration with latest technology.
Even after taking care of the minutest detail in packing, if anything goes wrong by the time your cargo reaches its place, we shall make for the loss by replacing it or making the payment under our insurance cover plan. Travelling leads to exertion and the road can be a difficult path to take, under such circumstances, we plan to make things safer for you. Instead of shifting the blames on each other after a loss is made, you must consider taking services from BIGO Packers and Movers Pvt. Ltd. logistics team.


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